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To Our Supporters

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Greetings to our dedicated brothers and sisters who carry the burden for Chinese Gospel Ministry.

The Chinese Gospel Broadcasting Centre of Canada (CGBC) was established in the 1980s by a group of believers deeply concerned about the spiritual lives of Chinese immigrants. Recognizing the challenge of busy lifestyles preventing participation in church gatherings, they embraced the “cutting-edge technology” of that time – cassette tapes – to record captivating gospel content, including Bible lectures, Sunday sermons, Sunday school teachings, family and marriage seminars, and theological lectures. These recordings were then generously distributed to churches, brothers and sisters, and gospel friends, providing an opportunity for individuals, even amidst their busyness, to access quality gospel messages.

By then, CGBC’s productions not only allowed ordinary Christians to revisit inspiring content at their convenience but also assisted resource-limited Chinese churches in conducting profound Sunday school sessions in the absence of teachers. Most importantly, these materials helped seekers and non-believing friends come to know Jesus. Some Christian employers or managers even played CGBC productions in factories, restaurants, and stores, allowing customers and employees to hear the gospel.

CGBC firmly believes that God speaks to people, but we cannot predict how God will touch hearts through which means, Bible verses, or sermons. Our role is to create as many opportunities as possible for people to hear the gospel message, expanding the space and scope of God’s word at work and giving the public more chances to hear God’s voice.

As times have changed, CGBC’s methods of spreading the gospel and producing content have evolved, but the vision remains unchanged. We anticipate delivering the word of God to every soul in need through free and convenient means, utilizing the latest technology.

In the early 21st century, CGBC ventured into online broadcasting, and to this day, our modes of communication continue to diversify.

  • Podcasts: The core of broadcasting is the production of “pure audio,” and CGBC is no exception. Online broadcasting podcasts provide us with a very convenient channel. Currently, all of CGBC’s audio productions are available on major podcast platforms and apps. Whether using Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, SoundCloud, Sound On, or Google Podcasts, simply search for “CGBCONLINE” to subscribe and listen immediately, receiving regular updates.
  • YouTube: In addition to audio productions, CGBC’s official YouTube channel, located at, sporadically updates with series lectures and Sunday sermons. Original interview programs from CGBC are also broadcasted through this channel.
  • Shower of the Spirit Daily Devotional: In late 2023, CGBC launched a dedicated YouTube channel for the previously audio-only daily devotional program, Shower of the Spirit (SOS). Simultaneously, this program also began serializing on TikTok. The daily devotional YouTube channel is, and the TikTok channel is

For other related information in Chinese, you can find it on the CGBCONLINE.CA website.

Current Status Update:

CGBC has a budget of about $80,000 in 2024 for maintaining the production costs (including online hosting, media production software, hardware, producer’s wage, speakers’ honorarium, etc.) and office expenses (rental, internet, electric, insurance, etc.). Due to the recession caused by COVID-19, wars, inflation, and economic downturns, we have been facing serious needs in the past months specifically having a shortage in cash flow. 

We want to sustain these free services and reduce the pressures on these passionate gospel preachers, so we need your prayers and financial support. All our current services and productions are funded by donations from churches and individual believers, and we look forward to seeing you join this offering community to help spread Christian messages to the world, especially at the time that those depraved messages are widely spread with almost all kinds of media – it’s a “war” that we Christians and Gospel workers have to fight for the values and faith that we gained from our Lord.

We’ll kindly ask you again to join our ministry with prayers and financial support. Your support would make a great difference for us and help us to plant more “seeds” of the gospel so that we can influence more people with the truth and our faith. If you have any questions or would like to know more about CGBC, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Download the introduction PDF of CGBC

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Additional Information:
Donation Cheque Payable to: CGBC
Mail to: 9 – 220 Royal Crest Court, Markham, ON, L3R9Y2
Contact: | 416-466-4303